Super Duty Raw Steel Planter, Cube, Many Sizes - Made in USA

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Give your outdoor space a modern touch with Super Duty Raw Steel Planter Cubes by SteelFreak. These cube-shaped planters are made from over 1/8 inch thick 10 gauge steel for durability and are available in many sizes.

When they’re first shipped they will mostly be raw steel grey, but over time and with weather they will develop a beautiful rust patina.

Alternatively you can use a metal paint to make them any color you like, or even use an appropriate clear coat to keep the industrial look of the raw welded steel.

Please note the patina process will result in rusty runoff that will stain any surface it encounters. Make sure not to put them on a surface that you don’t want to have rust stains!

These planters are not watertight, so even without drain holes they will slowly drain out. If you need it watertight, let us know before you order. It can be done for a little bit of an upcharge for the additional welding required.

If you don’t see the size or shape you want, send us a message and we should be able to make what you need!